Due Dilligence

Do you want to confirm someone is who they say they are? Have they been truthful in their representation of themselves to you?

Comprehensive investigation

A Due Diligence investigation is carried out in order to assess the qualifications and work history of the individual involved, to locate and identify any inconsistencies or false representations, helping you make a qualified and informed decision based on fact.

The areas covered with a Due Diligence investigation are:

  • Personal details, married, children
  • Work History
  • Qualification history to include University
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Politically Exposed Persons & Sanctions (PEP’S)
  • Company directorships including any disqualification
  • Any failed businesses
  • Has the subject been subject to any court cases, cases won, lost or acquitted?
  • Bankruptcy & IVA search County Court Judgments or any adverse credit
  • Historic Media Search
  • Property ownership
  • If subject has been based or has had dealings overseas investigations can be carried out in those countries.