Pre-Employment Profiling

Want to look deeper into a potential employee? We can provide reassurance with pre-employment profiling.

Have confidence in your choice

Profiling provides a clear and up to date insight into any given individual. Our team will accurately and swiftly obtain the information required for you to make a professional and informed decision, when carrying out a profile we aim to provide our clients with the information opposite.

We have found that providing a profiling service is hugely successful and highly beneficial to our clients within the insurance, financial industry likewise within the legal profession.

Our PREP Service Report includes:-

  • Background and detail of relatives/ known associates.
  • Address confirmation
  • Employment status
  • Company Directorships and Company details
  • Disqualified Director search
  • Do they have CCJs?
  • Have they been declared bankrupt or entered into an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)?
  • OSINT enquiries
  • Historic media check
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check
  • Politically Exposed Persons & Sanctions (PEP)  check
  • Nationwide Court Search detailing any criminal matters within the last 10 years*
  • Any past Court appearances inc. no conviction
  • Global reach

As with all our Services, our discretion and confidentiality apply to our PREP Service.

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